Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BDIB: Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you all...

For some reason, I wasn't in the mood to do anything for V-day. I wanted to stay home and enjoy a home cooked meal, curled up with a good movie. However, "the future hubby" had other plans. He surprised me with a Marsha Ambrosius concert in Atlantic City. I LOVE Marsha and last night was my third time seeing her. It seems as though every performance is better than the last! Anywho, we had a great time even though initally I had no desire to do anything. This post features two V-day looks; what I wore to work earlier that day and what I wore later on that night.  Funny thing is, I was in such a funky mood because I felt I had absolutely nothing to wear and wasn't totally thrilled with what I ended up wearing but "the future hubby" thought I looked great, so that made me feel a lot better :-) Hoping everyone's V-day was filled with love!

 What I Am Wearing:
Cardigan-Forever 21
Blouse-American Eagle
Shoes-Sam Edelman

 What I wore for my Valentine's Surprise to see the lovely Marsha Ambrosius.....
 I tried a faux bob...

 The back view of my faux bob.

What I Wore that Night:
Dress-Blaque Label via Lulu's
Shoes-Christian Louboutin

As Always, THANKS for your continued support :-) XOXO


  1. Wow honey red looks fab on you .. and aww that's soo sweet that he said you looked fab cause really girl that's all that matters!!both looks were fab. I think red is so your color glad you had a good Vday after all



  2. You better work it!!! I love both looks! Good thing you were in a funk and showed out on the outfits!!!! Loved the work outfit...totally thought it was a dress at first, but LOVE the combo skirt and top with the FAB print cardigan! Then, the faux bob - LOVE IT! You did the damn thang! As always - FAB - with stars!

  3. for someone who did not prepare to go out, you look great! love the asymmetric quality of that dress.

  4. These looks are too cute!!!! Really love the look with the leopard cardigan and red pump!

  5. I love both looks especially the red dress. You were working it, and don't we always think we never have anything to wear, lol.

  6. Both looks are great, my fav look is the first one.

  7. You look gorgeous in both 'fits'!!! marsha sounds WONDERFUL live right? I love her. Thanks for checking out my blog :-)

  8. I love BOTHHHHHHHHHHH and OMG I have this cardi as well but have yet to wear it yet..........hopefully mine will dayview someday soon. For someone who was in a funk u look amazing!

  9. both looks are AMAZING,that was a sweet "engagement" Valentine's surprise. Most people only have one vday to celebrate being engaged so its nice yours was memorable!

  10. Look at you gurl, looking all hot and stylish. love both outfits :)

    Fashion Rehab.

  11. You did that! Girl you look great.I love the pop of red in the 1st look and you know how much I love leopard. The second look is the bomb..I love everything about the look from the faux bob, the red lips and blush, the sexy red dress and the shoes. LOVE IT!

  12. Girl!! You look H.O.T in that red dress. XOXO

  13. Wow! You look absolutely fabulous in both outfits! Love :)

  14. I love both looks! The leopard cardi is great especially paired with the all black and red shoes. You look absolutely stunning in your evening look! You seem to have a keeper in that man of yours...I guess that why you decided to keep


  15. First of all, I can't believe you weren't thrilled because both outfits are amazing!!! You looked very nice! Glad you had a good time. I love Marsha Ambrosius! She puts on a good show.

  16. That red dress is the business girlie! Very Cute!!!!

    7eventh Letter

  17. You look amazing in both looks.

  18. I love the leopard cardigan and red shoes. And yor red dress is simply amaizing. You look beautiful as always..

  19. You look more than amazing in both fits. The first one is my fave-I love the pop of red and that skirt fits you like a charm (I didn't even notice the bunching that you were talking about)!

  20. Both looks we're amazing, love the sheer detail on the red dress. Cute faux bob btw!


  21. oh my! you looked so hot!!! lovely red dress

  22. I absolutely love what you wore! We were at the show too Marsha was amazing as usual, and Carl was good too.

    We should plan a blogger meet up at some point!

    Less Is More

    1. Thanks Tish! were there too?! How funny is that?! Wasn't she great? And how sweet was the proposal? I was so excited for the young lady, as if it was! A blogger meet up is definitely in order...Count me in!


    2. Yes girl! It was so sweet! Had me giving my bf the *sideeye* lol! I love Marsha's hip hop set always gets the crowd hype. We'll def get something on the books soon!

  23. Hot Tamale! Now following!
    -Gabrielle a.k.a Gstyle Follow if you like!

  24. Oh, love that red shoes and red dress. You indeed look great, eh. So chic and pretty!

    Cathy@custom digitizing


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